Repair Roof Leaks – Pay Now or Pay Later

worker doing roof leak repair service in Bedford NH, near Merrimack

Most people don’t think about roof repairs until it’s too late. If you see signs of water leaks into your home, it’s probably your roof. A leaky roof will rapidly incur significant expenses for the homeowner, so don’t wait. If your dormers are damp or your flashing has failed, it’s time to call a shingle … Read more

Tips For A Successful Skylight Installation

skylight installer at a bedford nh home - roofing contractor in hillsborough county

Why install a skylight? The number one reason to install a skylight is to bring more natural daytime light into a dark interior space. This is not limited to a living room, bedroom or kitchen, we have installed skylights in all rooms of a house as well as in hallways that need brightening with more … Read more

How To Hire A Good Roofing Contractor

hiring a good roofing contractor company in NH

Find a reputable local company that’s fully insured and bonded Roofing company reviews are easy enough to find on the web. Licensing in some states is not required; but confirming other homeowners’ confidence in the company should certainly be prioritized when planning your roof renovations or installation. General contractors and roofers are not required to be … Read more