How To Hire A Good Roofing Contractor

Find a reputable local company that’s fully insured and bonded

Roofing company reviews are easy enough to find on the web. Licensing in some states is not required; but confirming other homeowners’ confidence in the company should certainly be prioritized when planning your roof renovations or installation. General contractors and roofers are not required to be licensed in New Hampshire 

Don’t gamble with your gambrel!

Let’s look at some ways you can be sure you are hiring a well-qualified and experienced outfit when your roof is in need of some TLC.
Before making initial contact with a roofing contractor, do a quick Google search or visit the Better Business Bureau website to ensure the roofer is reputable.

  • Upon making first contact, ask if the company is insured and bonded. Roofer liability insurance is essential protection for you should anything go wrong with the project.
  • Request letters of recommendation from past customers.
  • Check the company’s website to see if it provides the specific service you need.
  • Establish the company’s level of experience with the type of roof, gutters, and skylights you’re looking to replace. For example, flat roofs are notoriously prone to becoming leaky, leading to damage.
  • See if the contractor has a portfolio.
  • Ask about the company’s guarantee of work quality. A lifetime guarantee protects your home and your investment.
    Request a written quote and finalized installation details

Reviews are essential to determine the best customer-company relationship

With his commitment to transparency and communication with home- and business owners, Nick Tracey Roofing has earned only rave reviews and positive feedback.

  • Homeowners are impressed with promptly returned calls and timely consultations and quotes.
  • Nick Tracey Roofing uses only construction materials of the highest quality.
  • Customers note his reliability, reasonable pricing, and a quick turnaround time.
  • Clients are impressed that Nick and his foreman Mike are attentive, and professional. and the whole crew are respectful of property and leave behind no signs that they were ever there.
  • Nick’s satisfied customers have been happily surprised that all equipment and supplies for the project arrives before the crew and before the start of the job.
  • Commercial and residential clients receive timely updates on the installation timeline. Nick and Mike always reply promptly to phone calls, text messages, and email.

Educate yourself about the hallmarks of quality roof installation

Being an informed consumer means knowing what to look for in a well-built roof. Some features of the roofing process seem pretty obvious, but there are other things you should recognize.

  • Even minor installation errors will result in major problems. Look for any metal materials that are dented or scratched, panels that are loose, poorly aligned, incompletely sealed, or overfull of sealant or adhesives. Exposed wood or nails will allow water to get in.
  • A haphazard appearance or workers who seem unorganized should be a red flag. A methodical installation process ensures your new roof’s long life.

Hire a local roofing contractor for best results

You and your community will reap the benefits when you hire a local roofing contractor company

  • Local businesses are much easier to vet than more distant ones.
  • Money spent at local businesses is more likely to stay local.
  • Your neighbors and friends may have previous experience with a local company.
  • Local contractors hire local workers who live in the same climate as you.
  • They are experienced with a roof tailored to region-specific conditions.
  • A nearby contractor will arrive more quickly than a distant one in emergency situations.

Call Nick now at 603-921-1706 if you have damp dormers, a mossy mansard, or gapped gables. A flooded flat roof can ruin your day.